Friday, May 8, 2015

Seven Actually Quick Takes

1. Birthday Trifecta Week is over. Three birthdays, three parades, three cakes, three birthday dinners.

My feast was the best. Patrick grilled salmon (and Italian sausages because he has that thing about fish) AND he grilled avocados for this Grilled Avocado and Tomato Salad recipe from John Besh. Grilled avocado is a brand new wonderful thing that we are going to eat a lot of this summer.


Edmund won't finish a book because he "doesn't like it."  I told him I finish every book I start.  His response, "You're a geek."  I said to give it to page 100, then decide.

Patrick said, "You're right."  I said, "I know.  You can't tell until page 100 if it's worth it or not."

Patrick said, "No, he's right.  You are a geek."

I get no respect.

3.  Jill adores Polly.  Worships her. And speaks to her in this weirdly deep voice, "Heh behbeh."

Heh Heh beh beh.  Heh Chubs.

Speaking of Polly, she walks. She only takes steps if no one is looking or paying attention to her. She's a baby ninja.

4. Things are gorgeous here.




Last weekend, Lucy changed up our exterior home decor with a spot of paint. Don't you love it? I sure do.


Check out our entry way now! Look at all of those hooks just waiting to be overloaded with jackets and bags.

7. Today is Prom!!!

Today is also the four hour European history test from noon to four so send up a prayer that we can get her hairs done by 11:30am. I fired up my hot rollers for a test drive last night and she's been scouring Pinterest.

Unfortunately, my Irish-dance-wig-putting-on skills are not helping me at all.

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Have a pulchritudinous weekend! 


  1. Aw, I enjoyed these. I'm also a bit thrilled at having learned a new word!

  2. I am trying to learn to walk away from books I am not enjoying. I just did last week, whew.
    Happy Birthday

  3. Looks like you've been busy. I love the painted door. I've debated painting my own. Love the entryway gives me some ideas on how to rework my own. Happy Friday!

  4. The grilled avocados are intriguing. I will have to give that a try this summer!

    And the blue door looks fabulous!

  5. You should try grilling peppers - the little yellow and red and orange ones you can get in the mixed bag are awesome - then about 1-2 minutes before removing sprinkle with goat cheese (which is tricky because goat cheese sticks together). Let the cheese get a little melty. Take them off the grill then sprinkle with diced fresh basil.

    Seriously? I could eat those for a meal and when I eat a bunch of those before the meat my husband just rolls his eyes!

  6. Can't she just wear the wig?!

  7. Yay for prom! Always a pleasure to read the blog.;)

  8. The door looks great; we did the same thing in our entrance and it was such a help this past winter.
    Hope the test went well and that she has an amazing time at the prom.

  9. Grilled avacados! I'm making these for my husband. Actually, for me, too. It took me getting to the age of 57 to realize I don't hate avacados. Suddenly, I could eat guacamole every day.

    I love your rows of hooks! We have those and they make more sense than a coat closet, I swear.