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This is where a disease is tested even if there are no symptoms of having it.For STIs, it is not common, but it is done to some people who need special attention this include;

Human Immunodeficiency Virus is screen tested through a blood test to people between the ages of 13 to 64 years. This is to control its spread and to begin treatment as early as possible. This is because in this age bracket one is sexually active and is strong which can take a longer period for the signs and symptoms to be seen. If the virus is discovered at early stages it can be controlled by taking some drugs which can help to boost the body’s immune system, and that can increase the affected person’s lifespan, and it can help by changing the person’s diet and lifestyle.

People who are born between the years 1945 and 1965 are prone to hepatitis C. Thus they should go for screening as this disease show its signs at after it is advanced. This is because at this age one is prone to this disease as it takes very long and develops at a lower late. It can bring serious complications if it has already accumulated power and made somebody organs weak.

All pregnant women undergo screening for chlamydia, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C and Gonorrhea this is to prevent the disease from affecting the unborn child with the disease. This is always done regularly in prenatal clinics as pregnant women are likely to be affected more during this period. This is because their immune system may be weak as the antibodies are used in protecting the mother and the baby at the same time thus has a lot of work which can give room to different infections as the body can fight all of them normally. This is very important for all expectant mothers.

Women who are above 21 years should go for pap screens for cervical testing problems which are mostly caused by human papillomavirus. This causes precancerous changes which cause cervical cancer and uterus inflammations. Women between 21 to 30 years should go for pap testing after every three years and women above 30 years should go for testing after every five years. This is because when it is detected at an earlier stage, it can be easily treated but if left to develop it can reach levels where it is untreatable and can cut one’s lifespan. It affects the reproductive system which can make it hard for one to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term. This can be prevented by going for screening regularly.

This is because it reoccurs especially because of an infected partner. Gonorrhea screening is advisable for sexually active women who are below 25 years. If you are too afraid to go to a doctor, you can always use the At Home STD Test Kits Company for testing for STDs.

Gay men are at a higher capacity of getting the sexually transmitted diseases thus they should go for testing more frequently to make sure they are healthy. People who have HIV should also screen for STDs as they are more likely to contact the diseases due to low immune. Women with are infected with HIV are also more likely to develop cervical cancer thus they should go for pap cancer annually.

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